A. Cody Osborne


The man that is A. Cody Osborne is a living, breathing, walking contradiction. Which, in the humble opinion of this *ghostwriter, is exactly what it means to be human. And human is what he aims for. Cody brings an unmistakable level of intelligence to his work. But at the same time, he’s not afraid to get dumb. He’s confused about what the future has in store. Yet, in this exact moment, he has it all figured out. It’s this balance of polarities that has helped him hone his own signature blend of confidence, humility and humanity; a unique combination he puts to use to elicit unapologetically raw and genuine performances in his work. 

Cody comes from an advertising background, having worked as a writer for more than 6 years at some of the best agencies in the biz. He’s created work for NCAA, K-Swiss, and Activision.  But all that’s in the past. Recently he’s directed spots for Dropbox, Dr. Seuss, and Formlabs. And the future? Well, he’ll be less confused about it once it’s written.

Please contact him at acodyosborne@gmail.com

*The ghostwriter has likely been paid for their services.